Headshot of Trish Bauman

Trish Bauman



I've always thrived on meeting, working with, and assisting clients in making informed decisions. Our team at Bauman Financial is deeply committed to understanding your financial goals and tailoring strategies that align with your aspirations for each stage of life. We provide the necessary context to guide you towards the most suitable paths and ensure the seamless execution and management of your financial strategies.

I'm grateful to share my life with my devoted husband, Wayde, and our three amazing children, Britt, Bear, and Bradlee. In my free time, I cherish moments with friends and family, golfing, canning, watching movies, horseback riding, and simply enjoying the comfort of our home.

Headshot of Wayde Bauman

Wayde Bauman



Wayde Bauman, though less formal in the office, plays a vital role in maintaining positivity and keeping our family strong. He's instrumental in managing our busy schedules and ensuring everything runs smoothly. Beyond the office, Wayde is deeply involved in ranching and farming alongside his father and brother near Linton. Additionally, he offers support to the agricultural community through crop and hail insurance services.

As a husband and father of three, Wayde's devotion to his family is evident. In his leisure time, he finds joy in activities like golfing, hunting, team roping, and watching sports. Wayde's multifaceted interests and his unwavering support contribute significantly to our team's success and harmony.

Headshot of Ashley Hanson

Ashley Hanson

Project Manager/Director of Operations


Ashley Hanson serves as the Project Manager/Director of Operations at Bauman Financial and travels between the Linton and Bismarck offices. Her prime focus is to oversee the coordination and execution of ongoing projects, ensuring that they align with clients' goals and expectations, while also maintaining open lines of communication between the team and our clients to ensure a seamless collaboration. Ashley holds a Bachelor's degree in Human Development and Family Science with a minor in Psychology from North Dakota State University.

In her personal time, Ashley enjoys crafting, traveling, and spending time with her husband, Gunnar, their son Hayes, and black lab, Merle.

Ryan Speirs Photo April 2024

Ryan Speirs

Investment Professional


In his second career, Ryan believes he has truly found his calling. Serving as Bauman Financial’s Investment Professional, he is committed to navigating every aspect of the financial world with unyielding passion. His goal is to provide our clients with the peace of mind they crave, amidst the ever-changing economy. Understanding their current financial journey and aspirations is our office’s top priority.

Beyond work, Ryan is blessed to share his life with his loving wife, Priscilla, and their three incredible children: Kandrian, Zoey, and Nash. During his free time, he cherishes moments with loved ones, enjoy golfing, cooking, coaching his kids in various activities, and relishes the simple comforts of home.

Barb Schantz Photo April 2024

Barb Schantz

Medicare Account Manager


Barb Schantz is one of two Medicare Account Managers here at Bauman Financial. In her professional capacity, she dedicates herself to guiding clients towards insurance stability to ensure that Medicare beneficiaries understand their health insurance options, while also ensuring their compliance with Medicare's standards. Barb holds a degree in Business and Accounting from Rasmussen University.

Beyond her career, she finds solace in hiking through mountain trails. Barb’s personal life revolves around cherishing every available moment with her family, which brings her immense joy and fulfillment.

Headshot of ShaLee Tescher

ShaLee Tescher

Medicare Account Manager


ShaLee Tescher serves as our other Medicare Account Managers here at Bauman Financial, where she specializes in assisting clients in maximizing their plan benefits post-enrollment. Raised on a ranch in Hebron, ND, ShaLee holds dual degrees—a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Marketing from Dickinson State University.

Outside of her professional responsibilities, ShaLee cherishes moments with her husband, Tanner, and their children, Sawyer and Tipp, on their ranch in Beach. She appreciates the outdoors, particularly horseback riding, and values quality time with friends.

Headshot of Elaine Haack

Elaine Haack

Part D Coordinator


Elaine Haack assumes the role of Medicare Part D Coordinator at Bauman Financial, primarily stationed in the Bismarck Office during the Annual Election/Open Enrollment Period. Her focus is on aiding clients in selecting optimal drug plans tailored to their needs for the upcoming year. Elaine brings a wealth of experience, having retired from a telephone company after a remarkable 38 years of service, and has been collaborating with insurance agents since 2010.

In her personal life, Elaine relishes retirement alongside her husband, Brad, and cherish the opportunity to participate in their grandchildren's various activities.